Research laboratory "Omega"

Activity of the laboratory

• The solution of the tasks connected with radiochemical and biological protection at the modern level of science and equipment.
• Synthesis of nanostructural materials, barrier coverings and sorbents.
• Synthesis of the semiconductor material possessing high sensitivity to vapors and gases at the level of 10- 8 - 10- 7 mg/l.
• Development of automatic systems of analytical control.
• Experience of works in the sphere of the gas analysis - more than 5 years
• Manufacturing techniques of gas-sensitive sensors
• Mass production of intellectual sensors
• Development of methods and techniques of analytical control
• 3D prototyping of gas-analytical and gas-dynamic systems
• Development of the software of support of gas-analytical systems

Directions of researches and development

• Gas analysis
• Physics of semiconductors
• Synthesis of barrier coverings
• Synthesis of nanostructural materials
• Analytical control of environment
• Development of the gas-analytical equipment
• Production of gas-sensitive microchips

Structure of laboratory

The basis of laboratory is made by groups:

• Gas analysis
• Chemical synthesis
• Circuitry and programming
• Designing and technology
• Analytical analysis

The personnel of laboratory is highly qualified, confirmed with diplomas and certificates.

The laboratory is equipped with modern analytical and processing equipment.