Gas analyzers

The research laboratory "OMEGA" releases a NEW series of analytical devices - SNIFF gas analyzers in stationary, figurative and wearable execution. The principle of operation of analyzers is based on use of semiconductor adsorptive selective sensors. Devices are intended:

- for monitoring of environment;

- for detection of impurity of toxic, explosive and other substances in air;

- for control of technological processes;

- for control of anesthetics in the air exhaled by the patient.

SNIFF series devices - gas analyzers of new generation, are developed on the basis of achievements in the field of physics of semiconductors and nanostructural materials and provide requirements of the modern gas analysis: sensitivity, selectivity and stability.

Key advantage of SNIFF analyzers is opportunity to set a number of the analyzed substances from a database.

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    Sniff-008 portable

    The device is intended for work in field conditions, has the moisture-proof, shock-proof case with a class of protection of IP-67.

    The device has the built-in computer.

    It is equipped with the eight-channel detector with semiconductor sensors.

    Possibility of work from the battery is provided.

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    The device is developed for installation onboard unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that considerably increases functionality of their application.

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    The device is intended for control of anesthetics in the air exhaled by the patient at invasive introduction of a propofol and fentanyl.

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    The stationary device is intended for work in laboratory conditions. It is equipped with the eight-channel detector and the external computer for management and information processing. 

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    Gas-analytical system Sniff

    For the solution of problems of monitoring of extended objects to which inhabited, service and special premises belong, technological territories and territories of storage of dangerous substances and chemically dangerous productions, and also some other, the gas-analytical system united in a uniform network is developed for management and collecting analytical information. 

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    Portable gas analytical systems "Omega" are gas analyzers of a new generation, developed on the basis of advances in the physics of semiconductors and nanostructured materials and satisfy the requirements of modern gas analysis.

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    As an additional option of mobile gas analysis systems, a ground mobile gas analysis system based on the Rover robotic platform has been developed.