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SNIFF- 008 portable gas analyzers

The Portable series is intended for work in difficult field and technogenic conditions, has the moisture-proof, shock-proof case with a class of protection of IP - 65 - 67. 

The device has the built-in Mini-computer.

The device is equipped with the eight-channel detector with semiconductor sensors. Possibility of ensuring work from the battery is provided.

The device can act as the server for connection of external devices. 


The research laboratory JSC Omega developed a series of devices - gas analyzers on the basis of semiconductor gas-sensitive sensors the production technology of which is realized and adapted for serial release.

The developed technology allows to make the semiconductor gas-sensitive sensors meeting the modern requirements of chemical safety of Russia and Europe. The technology allows to expand the range of applicability of gas sensors and it is essential to reduce their prime cost.

The method of the kinetic analysis on the basis of nanodisperse semiconductor adsorptive sensors and analytical systems created on their base is the basis for the developed technology. Use of semiconductor adsorptive sensors and special methods of processing of results of measurements allows to realize both threshold, and quantitative methods of analytical control of a wide range of gases of various chemical composition and vapors of toxic substances.

Physical and chemical bases of detection of trace concentration of toxic and chemically dangerous substances in the atmosphere and algorithms on application in various conditions are developed.

The section is in a development stage.

Technical characteristics: 

Analytical characteristics:

The error for all these substances not more than 20 %.

Speed for all these substances no more than 30 seconds.

Analytical characteristics can be changed depending on conditions on application.


Devices of the SNIFF-portable series are intended for work in laboratory and field conditions in the on-line mode for the following areas:

- express diagnostics of air at emergency situations and acts of terrorism;

- definition of toxic agents at express diagnosis of poisonings by results of the analysis of composition of the exhaled air;

- control of the environment in the closed rooms and volumes on special objects;

- control of composition of gas mixes in technological processes;

- search of places of violation of tightness of technological gas highways;

- ensuring chemical safety in places of a big congestion of people.


 The parts of a gas analyzer are:

- a gas analyzer eight-channel

- a mini PC

- The USB monitor (the type of the monitor can be replaced on any other)

- an activator of an expense

- a router for connection of external gas analyzers

- USB controler

In the "download center" section you can find more detailed information on the operation and use of the "Sniff" gas analyzers, as well as download the information leaflet and the advertising booklet.
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